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J.W. Peters Funeral Directors

Serving our local community for over 100 years

Providing funeral services to Morpeth, Pegswood, Alnwick, Rothbury, Bedlington, Cramlington, Ashington, Blyth, Northumberland and Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Helping you say goodbye in a thoughtful and personal way



At J. W. Peters Funeral Directors, our years of experience working with families and bereaved loved ones in and around Morpeth. This makes us well equipped to help you navigate the burial process in this difficult time. We can facilitate burials in lawn sections, traditional sections, churchyards and privately owned cemeteries. If you wish to arrange a burial, either in a churchyard or local cemetery, we will explain the procedures and regulations.

Flowers on coffin


If you require a cremation funeral, we will assist in completing the necessary documents and ensure that the doctor’s forms are available to coincide with arrangements. We can also give advice to help make the important decision for the interment of the cremated remains. There are many alternatives and so advice and help at this time can be essential.


Direct Cremations

At J. W. Peters Funeral Directors, we are equipped to facilitate direct cremations. Unlike a lot of other companies for our direct cremations we always use a local crematorium. With a direct cremation, we arrange an unattended and respectful cremation after which you will receive the ashes of your loved one. Direct funerals have become a popular option as they can be nearly half the cost of a traditional funeral, ours starting at only £1,750 in fact. In addition to being easier on your pocket, a direct cremation allows you more flexibility to send off your loved one exactly as they would have wanted.


Green Funerals

Green or woodland funerals are more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional funerals. Your loved one will be set to rest using biodegradable coffins or caskets instead of with a traditional coffin or headstone. Our many years of experience means that our team is more than able to facilitate green or woodland funerals and guide you as you navigate arranging one.

Holding rose next to coffin


We also offer repatriation services, helping you navigate the ofttimes confusing waters of getting your loved one to their final resting place. Our team is professional, compassionate and well experienced. We will handle preparing all the documentation you will require to repatriate your loved one.

Coffin with flowers

Non-religious Funerals

Our team is also able to facilitate non-religious funeral service for those you don’t require a religious service but still wish to have a more traditional formal send off. Our services cover everything from preparing obituaries to helping you select a coffin, advising on floral tributes, organising music as required and contacting a humanist officiant.

Funeral Memorials

Many people find selecting a lasting tribute for a loved one to be a very tricky and emotional task. At J. W. Peters Funeral Directors, we take the time needed and give the care required to ensure that you are happy with your final decision. We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our memorials. All workmanship complies with the National Association of Memorial Masons' Code of Practice. We offer an extensive range of high quality and standard designs. For those requiring something special such as a unique or very individual memorial, we offer a full design and consultation service. We also offer an extensive range of high quality and beautiful standard designs.

Direct Cremations
Green Funerals
Funeral advice

What to expect

The passing of a loved one is one of the most emotional times of our lives and it can be difficult to navigate the unfamiliar waters of arranging a send-off. Here's some practical advice to help you through this time. Please feel free to ring us to ask for any guidance you may need during this time.


What to do when someone dies at home

The first contact should be the family doctor who will normally call at the house. If they are satisfied with the cause of death, they will issue the death certificate. If you haven’t already, you should then contact J. W. Peters Funeral Directors as soon as possible. We will take care of all the arrangements and guide you through this difficult time. It is not necessary to have the death certificate before contacting us.

What to do when someone dies in hospital

When a person dies in a hospital, a hospice or a nursing home, the sister or staff nurse on call will be there to help you. They will make the necessary arrangements for the doctor to issue the death certificate. You should then contact J. W. Peters Funeral Directors as soon as possible so that we can take care all the necessary arrangements. It is not necessary to have the death certificate before contacting us.

What to do at the coroners

In some cases, a death may be referred to the coroner. There are many reasons why this can happen. For example, it may be that a doctor has been unable to certify a cause of death or perhaps the death is because of an accident. The death will then be reported by a doctor. We will fully explain the procedures to you and take care of all arrangements and documentation.

How to register a death

All deaths must be registered at your local Registrar’s Office. We can give you the name, address and office times of your local office. When registering a death, you will need to take the Medical Certificate of Death with you and the Registrar will also ask you for some personal details of the deceased. The Registrar will then issue a green certificate, which we will need as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

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